Audit Committee

The Board of Directors after authorizing the General Meeting, at its meeting on April 19, 2022 appointed as members of the Company Audit Committee the three (3) Independent Non-Executive members after it was verified that they meet the criteria of independence of article 9 of Law 4706 / 2020 and the conditions of article 74 of law 4706/2020.

During the meeting of the Audit Committee on 19.04.2022, the members of the Audit Committee, decided the appointment of the Independent Non-Executive member of the Board, Mr. Efstratios Papaefstratios, as its Chairman.

Following the above, the Audit Committee of the Company consists of the following:

- Efstratios Papaefstratiou, President
- Eleni Linardou, Member
- Marios Lasanianos, Member

The term of office of the Audit Committee coincides with the term of the Board of Directors of the Company, ie four (4) years and more specifically until April 19, 2026, while it will be automatically extended until the first Ordinary G